It can’t be stated too strongly that Australia’s leaders are terrorist against their own, terrorists of the most sadistic nature known to dwell in a psychopathic human mind.
1984 freemason A$13mil POLICE LIE 


My Book's Introduction

Do you think perhaps that English tales of King Arthur and his twelve knights of the round table was the basis for the Christian Bible’s new testament tales of Jesus and his twelve apostates? Neither can be proved with archaeology. We live in a time when all of government in Australia are terrorists to their own inhabitants. When all of government infringe Australia’s own laws to illegally protect government public officers and other sycophants spread maliciously false rumours specifically in the furtherance of a political party cause. A time when rumours are a tool crafted by the government predator, gifted to other psychopaths sycophants via the government intra net, or public internet. A time when the its only purpose of government health department records is to control & destroy the life of an innocent. A time when the Hippocratic oath is mere puffery prattled by hypocrites inhabiting virtually every medical centre in Australia. A time of freemason Baal worship. A time of child sacrificial practices of The Party Faithful. We live in a time of another moral Armageddon of the Elohim as described in the ancient Hebrew texts where the Elohim were the regional governments of our oldest documented communities; not God as described in every Christian Bible. In ancient Hebrew texts the Elohim were legislators, judges, governors, occupations defined today as government centric. Ancient Hebrew texts defined Elohim grammatically in plural and singular, yet Elohim was translated in all Christian Bibles as the only “God” because King James and others thought of the rulers of country as God. The Supreme ruler with the last word on everything. We know that's precisely what our 21st century Government do via the court system, our Elohim. What this obviously means in reality for Christians is that they are reading in their Bibles about and worshipping to an ancient Government. Surely that’s a WTF moment for all of them. Delusional denial and finger pointing at others who try to expose the truth of a lie, has always been the safe place in the human mind to feel warm and fuzzy about the harsh realities of modern life. All this can change if you put your mind to it. You’re now faced with the same dilemma as an alcoholic. You have to want to change.

Janette Gail Francis.

The more you have
the more you have to lose
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“When a dog runs at you, whistle him.”

Henry David Thoreau American essayist, poet, and philosopher (1817–1862)