australias labor party faithful are sycophants

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Why represent this case? 

Because its a public interest human rights matter 

<<< Australia wasn't built on the back of Merino wool industry, it was built on back to back lies from England >>>

This major human rights issue has compounded over past 40 years by fact that no legal firm in Australia will represent me apparently as none are willing to represent legal rights of "white indigenous Australians" against a politically organised terrorist cell funded by elected government, which is the same reason we still have unlawful discriminations against original indigenous Australians. 


Australian groups such as Human Rights Law Centre are effectively maliciously misleading Internet spam. They promote false belief that Australian government protect human rights in reality no FREE LEGAL ADVICE is offered by government funded lawyers to sue any Australian government or elected political party.  Despite that the alleged assailant's government documented actions establish them indeed  as self evident psychopathic criminal enemy of Australia.

As Australian citizens harmed by wilful terrorist crimes of political party supported Government Public Officers, we're each & separately on our own in the fight against terrorism. 


Without lawful authority persons named or inferred in above linked documents, including police and parliamentarians, have illegally blocked my right to seek remedy for infringements including trespass to the person, and blocked in my right to prevent further infringements on my right to social justice and due process pursuant to statute and Common law. Their evidence based prima facie motive is Party politics.


Ergo their actions are terrorist acts. The five core principles of social justice include; access to resources, equity, participation, diversity, and human rights. Their actions in concert affirm their belief that they commonly “own” me as in human trafficking or slavery “own”. These are a well documented 'evidence based' series of terrorist acts.

Mental Health Act 2009 (South Australia):

  1. s102 Offences relating to authorisations and orders, penalty of AU$25,000 or 2-years imprisonment.

Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (South Australia):-

  1. s12 Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder, life.
  2. s14 Criminal neglect, max life.
  3. s19 Unlawful threats, max 12-years.
  4. s19AA Unlawful stalking, max 5-years.
  5. s20 Assault, max 5-years.
  6. s23 Causing serious harm, max 25-years.
  7. s24 Causing harm, max 13-years.
  8. s29 Acts endangering life or creating risk of serious harm, max 18-years.
  9. s31 Possession of object with intent to kill or cause harm, max 20-years.
  10. s83CA Information for terrorist acts, 7-years.
  11. s83E Particiopation in criminal organisation, max 20-years.
  12. s86G Unauthorised modification of computer data, 5-years.
  13. s140 Dishonest dealings with documents, max 15-years.
  14. s142 Dishonest exploitation position advantage, 10-years.
  15. s170A trespass places of residence, max 15-years-life.
  16. s241 Impeding investigation of offences or assisting offenders, 10-years.
  17. s243 Fabricating, altering or concealing evidence, 7-years.
  18. s249 Bribery or corruption of public officers, 10-years.
  19. s251 Abuse of public office, 7-10-years.
  20. s256 Attempt to obstruct or pervert course of justice or due administration of law, 4-years, s270 extends to 7-years.
  21. s257 Criminal Defamation, 3-years.
  22. s267 Aiding and abetting, same as principal offence.

Criminal Code Act 1995 (Australia) Schedule Criminal Code:-

  1. 80.2B Urge violence against members of groups, 5-7-years.
  2. 101.1 the offence of a terrorist act, life.
  3. 137.1 False or misleading information, 1-year.
  4. 137.2 False or misleading documents, 1-year.
  5. 268.13 Torture, 25-years.
  6. 268.20 Persecution, 17-years.
  7. 268.23 Other inhumane act, 25-years.

Crimes Act 1914 (Australia):-

  1. 28 Interfering with political liberty, 3-years.
  2. 30C Advocating or inciting to crime, 2-years.
  3. 30K Obstructing hindering performance of services, 1-year.
  4. 36 Fabricating evidence, 5-years.
  5. 36A Intimidation of witnesses etc (indictable offence)
  6. 38 Deceiving witnesses, 2-years.
  7. 39 Destroying evidence, 5-years.
  8. 40 Preventing witnesses from attending Court, 1-years.
  9. 41 Conspiracy to bring false accusation, 10-years.
  10. 42 Conspiracy to defeat justice, 5-years.
  11. 43 Attempting to pervert justice, 5-years.
  12. 44 Compounding offences, 3-years.
Crimes that have harmed me or are still harming me include but not limited to:
... despite that subsequent Government documents established
I'd been
illegally imprisoned
under Mental Health Act, every time, Adelaide health & transport & police & court public officers & private physicians & Adelaide SA State Supreme Court 2018 Judge
Katrina Bochner, & ex SA Law Society president
Ralph Bonig & physician
Alison BJ Cole & GP Axis medical centre Seaford Meadows SA
all still refer to the illegal imprisonments
in their records,
as if they'd been legal.

I can't get anything in any court to stop them lying over & over.



Because these government public officers have illegally intercepted my communications to the rest of the word via mail service, via telephone, via email, and via my 'social network' online activity, therefore:


I ask that YOU telephone or personally visit any of Australia's police stations with this compelling evidence of cross-boarder political party "cause" terrorism. The Australia wide general telephone numbers:


police 131-444 and

Crime Stoppers



Without exception all Australian law is only valid if it complies to our Commonwealth Constitution, and our laws apply to everyone in Australia equally including every elected member of every State, Territory and our National parliament including our State Premiers and Prime Minister.