Left: correction 1994 not 1991.


Right: issued by South Australia’s State government. Their statement reads:

“The holder is a valued member of our community. Please extend every courtesy and assistance.”


That they even need to make such a statement indicates their openly condescending nature and lack of genuineness. Every person by virtue of the fact they are human should be treated as a ‘valued member of every community’.


If Australia was a fair and just country then every person regardless of age or any other distinguishing manner of thing should be ‘extended every courtesy and assistance’ especially by Government Public Officers. People are only ever respected in Australia if they are a cog in perverted The Party Faithful wheel of psychopathy. Therein lies the enduring oak tree of terrorism. 


This "seniors card" was issued when I reached the age of 60 - that was 2016.


In 2016 and at election time in 2018 the same SA State Government public officers facilitated the recording of criminal defamation in "mental health" records under my name. These false claims (from my Harley Davidson motorcycle owner neighbour, Paul Shilldarien-Henley) had no evidence or any base in reality whatsoever. I wasn’t even at home when SHILLDARIEN-HENLEY claimed I’d assaulted him and his family. I was contracted by the Commonwealth for census work. These criminally false and malicious State records persist to this day in 2022 because the State and Federal Government refuse me my statutory the right to challenge these criminal lies in court (despite the national, Competition and Consumer Law Act 2010, Australian Consumer Law & Privacy Act 1988, Australian Privacy Principals) that prohibits their manner of record keeping.












I hadn't known what happened in these State records in 2016 and early in 2018 until I got Freedom of Information documents at the end of 2018. Which also means State Housing tenant SHILLDARIEN-HENLEY is protected by the State government in his to continual lies about me and protected by SA police in his persistence to harass me at my residence by various means which include a twin spotlight and video camera pointed directly at my front door from his location directly opposite my residence. Criminal stalking in residence.


In February 2018, before State election time - I asked SA Police department staff to investigate police crime and medical crime. The same State Government that issued this card responded by illegally causing my driver’s licence to be cancelled by SA Transport department staff with no just cause and have refused to reinstate it. The Supreme Court in 2019 refused to acknowledge my evidence that proves the process was a criminal conspiracy and a perversion of the course of justice and due administration of law.


These (4) four directly linked incidents indicates the South Australian government public officers resident in the Adelaide region are liars, dangerous psychopathic sycophants who criminally treat me with complete contempt. Demonstrating they are the personification of an adaptation of the charterers in Stephen King’s novel “Children of the Corn”. Political cause terrorists and enemies of Australia.